Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Featured on Prog Palace Radio & Bear Metal Radio!

Born of the Stars can now be heard on two excellent online radio stations - Prog Palace Radio and Bear Metal Radio! If you're looking for commercial-free radio stations to discover great new music then these stations are definitely worth checking out!

Here is some information about each station:

Prog Palace Radio
Prog Palace Radio (PPR) has been around for 13 years! PPR is a privately owned and operated station, broadcasting 24 hours a day without commercial interruptions - and it's completely free! Prog Palace Radio believes that a single song can't show a band's full potential and therefore PPR  makes every effort to provide entire albums when available. PPR is a station designed for fans of progressive music and they do everything in their power to ensure a great listening experience for the fans. If you love progressive music (or good music in general) then do yourself a favor and check out this station

Bear Metal Radio
Bear Metal Radio is a privately owned and commercial free online radio station dedicated to providing the best selection of classic and hard rock (with a zest of blues rock), heavy and power metal, progressive metal and progressive rock as well as music by all the guitar gods and a few other surprises! One way that Bear Metal Radio sets themselves apart from other metal radio stations is that they set boundaries on the type of metal they play by staying away from metal that contains too much shouting or screaming. However, they do offer a small quantity of "cookie monster", screamer, and darker metal bands, but only the very best and only in moderation. This station is great for rock and metal fans that are tired of the screaming style vocals but still feel like listening to a great selection of old and new/undiscovered metal music. Check it out!

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